... see the pictures:
You can visit Elcho Artspace on your computer, smartphone or tablet (e.g. iPad). In our experience this is easiest and best on a computer, whether a laptop or desktop. Simply click on the “Gallery” section of www.elchoartspace.art to enter the gallery.
When you first enter the gallery, you will be met with a box on the screen with information about the exhibition. A percentage dial or bar will load and in a minute it will reach 100% changing to “Enter”. Click here to enter!
(If you are using a smartphone or tablet, you will need to download the "Exhibbit" app to your device. See below for details.)

... get around the gallery on a laptop or desktop computer:
The simplest way to view the art in the gallery is to use the catalogue tool. Along the bottom of the gallery screen you will see a banner containing small images of each of the artworks, with arrows at each end to allow you to scroll through the catalogue. Simply click on the tiny image of any artwork in this banner and the gallery will take you to that piece in its position on the wall. When you have finished viewing it, click on the next one in the catalogue banner, and so on. This will seamlessly move you through the entire collection one by one.
If you wish to explore the more advanced modes of navigation, click the white arrow button in the top left-hand corner of the gallery. Among the options there, you will find “How to move.” The advanced options, which involve your mouse and keyboard, allow you to go around the gallery as if walking through it. Two particularly handy ones to try out are the ‘up’ and ‘down’ arrows on your keyboard. These act to zoom in and out and are very simple to use.

... get around the gallery on a smartphone or tablet:
As noted above, a desktop or laptop computer offers the best way in to the gallery, but other devices can also be used.
If you are using a smartphone or tablet you will need to download the Exhibbit app from your device’s app store. Links to the Apple and Android app stores can be found at https://exhibbit.com/home/ where you can scroll down to the very foot of the screen to find the Apple and Android symbols in the bottom right-hand corner with the words “GET THE EXHIBBIT APP”.
After downloading the app onto your smartphone or tablet, return to www.elchoartspace.art . Go to the “Gallery” section and press (for Android) or press and hold (for Apple) the blue and white icon which says “OPEN WITH THE EXHIBBIT APP”. Your device may open the app direct from this, or you may find a menu of options may appear on your screen. If so, select “Open in “Exhibbit””. This will open the Elcho Artspace gallery in the app that you have just downloaded.
Each time you visit the gallery, you will need to do so through www.elchoartspace.art , and not through the Exhibbit app. If you go straight into the app, you will be taken to a randomly-selected gallery from one of the many artists who show their work with Exhibbit. The website www.elchoartspace.art is the only way to visit Elcho Artspace.